See & Free Consulting is a one-stop shop for proven and pragmatic organization improvement and effectiveness solutions.
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Our mission is to see & free the best in people & organizations

We see opportunities where others see challenges. We see your strengths - what makes you and your organization unique, special & different. We see a path to growth and the roadblocks and risks that get in your way.

Then, we relentlessly work towards the personal and organizational breakthroughs you need to be successful…to free your potential, your strengths, and the opportunities you have to grow your organization.

If you fit any of these scenarios, then we are a fit for you

We offer fractional executive support (we serve in the seat, then fill the seat), business consulting, exec coaching and management development. Reach out if:

You are about to attempt something unprecedented

While daunting, you need to galvanize your team as you approach the unknown

You've had explosive growth

Yet, you haven't built the infrastructure you need to continue on this trajectory

You are on a steep learning curve

With little experience managing people, much less a lightning speed organization, you could use a trusted partner and coach

You are at a critical inflection point

You are unsure how to step-change your business, to innovate or to increase speed to market


"Need an org tune up? Call the Org Whisperer and let her work her magic. Act now. Supplies are limited!"

Michael Dubin

Founder, Dollar Shave Club


"Working with See and Free Consulting has been such a positive experience, our team has been reenergized and feels so much more prepared to approach the challenges ahead. I can’t recommend Jenn enough, her empathy, leadership, and strategic vision and approach has been so beneficial, not only for us as a team, but individually as well."

Sarina Aguirre

VP Mission Delivery, Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles


"Jenn has been a great mentor for the 30X30 program by LaunchVic. Her sessions with the Operations leaders of Victoria’s next wave of unicorns have been truly enlightening."

Peter Goldsworthy

GM Startups, LaunchVic Australia


"See & Free Consulting has been instrumental in helping us improve our organizational structure, optimize our team’s efficiency, and better understand how we do our best work as individuals and as a team."

Jennifer Acree

CEO, JSA+ Partners


"Jenn is the consummate contemporary pro: able to help create sustainable accomplishment and joy in equally large measures. Her ability to see into issues and opportunities and craft solutions that your team is inspired to take on is absolutely unique."

Jim Motroni

Senior Partner, Conversant


"Jenn is an incredible coach and mentor - she’s objective, efficient, and candid about her recommendations, yet refreshingly authentic and humble in her approach. One thing is guaranteed - you will leave your sessions feeling inspired, motivated, and challenged to make progress before the next meeting.."

Anna Goranson

Universal Hydrogen


"No one makes it to the top without someone’s help. Coaching helps you get there faster. Jenn is a great coach and helps me understand myself and be a better me."

Valerie Tardif

Chief Product Officer, Supplier.io


"Jenn has had a great impact on Quell, supporting us in building leadership skills and navigate complex business dynamics."

Lorenzo Spreafico

Co-Founder/COO, Quell


"Jenn has developed a personal brand as being one of the best and most strategic OD, leadership and culture change minds in business. I’m proud that someone as talented as Jenn has worked with me twice. Throughout our careers we’ve coached, counseled and challenged each other whether we are at the same organization or not. She’s a permanent and valued member of my personal board of directors.”

Orlando Ashford

CPO, Fanatics


"Jenn has 25+ years of CPG experience in a full gamut of companies -- from giants like Coca-Cola to being one of the first at Dollar Shave Club. Strategic and scrappy. Coach and doer. Strong interest in the “better for you” space. Operationally proven. Operationally excellent.”

Christine Mei

Board of Directors, Puig and Principal of The Cozabe Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes See & Free unique, special & different?

Founder Jenn has worked in nonprofit, education, big Corporates and successful $1B start-ups. Not only has she coached and consulted to C-Suite executives for the first decade of her career, but then she snagged her own seat at Dollar Shave Club’s and Flexport’s executive tables. She knows the pressures facing executives and leadership teams and can share her hard-knocks and hard-earned wins.

Jenn’s also built a global network of experts - the See & Free Partner Network - vetted professionals including growth hackers, former executives, and corporate gurus. We enjoy working together, and we’d love to build solutions for your organization.

What type of services do you offer?

There are many ways to engage See & Free.

Fractional Executive Support. We join your team, serve in the open seat then fill it with top-notch talent. The COO role is our sweet spot. However, we have a See & Free Partner Network with experts in multiple fields who will engage in everything from Marketing to Operations to HR.

Business Consulting. We roll up our sleeves and tackle a business challenge or opportunity, partnering with your team to produce proven solutions. See solutions here.

Executive Coaching. Trusted confidante, experienced advisor and guide. We are behind-the-scenes as your sparring and brainstorming partner to tackle business and organizational challenges.

Management Development.
First time managers or experienced veterans, we provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to lead and scale your business.

How do you work with us?

At See & Free, we are committed to providing the best service and solutions. If you’ve never worked with a consultant, we want to take some of the mystery out of how we work.

How we get there…

LEARN: We deep dive into your Vision, strategy, goals and leadership and organizational (people, process and tech) capabilities then identify what may be getting in the way of achieving them

We partner with you and your leadership team to co-design a roadmap of the highest-impact, easy-to-execute opportunities to put your organization on the best path forward

EXECUTE: We build digestible implementation plans, get your leaders and organization ready, and ensure smooth execution of any solutions we recommend

ADJUST: We track and monitor results, and we help you make slight adjustments to your approach so that your team easily adopts and sustains solutions over time

EQUIP: Our goal is to be an ongoing resource to your business, but not an ongoing cost. We equip your teams with the skills and tools they need to stay on the path we’ve set

At your initial consult, we will assess what you need and make sure you have access to the best solutions. See & Free works with various experts globally in multiple disciplines. We may engage them as partners to build a particular solution for you, or we may refer you to them as a better fit for what you need.

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