Episode 20

Jun 20 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Svein Harald Moerkve

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


June 20, 2021


In this episode...

Joining us from Bergen, Norway, Svein Harald Mørkve is an Oxford-educated neurosurgeon and competitive body builder?!? Yes, body builder. Svein is an expert in the relationship between mind and body. He meets people when both may be failing them and they are at their most vulnerable; his USD is truly connecting with people. He appreciates that others’ lives are in his hands and never loses sight of that fact. In the face of adversity, Svein reminds us how important it is to hold onto our humanity and to never give up hope. The mind is very powerful and a positive mindset goes a long way. Please come learn about Svein, his beautiful country of Norway, and how he supports Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres).
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Svein Harald Møerkve
Svein Harald Mørkve is an alternative thinker and restless soul raised in the Norwegian countryside. Currently working as a senior consultant in endovascular and general neurosurgery in Bergen, Norway, Svein is educated in Oxford, UK, and Bergen, Norway, with an MSc in endovascular neurosurgery and a PhD in basic neurophysiology. With a wide ranging and life-long passion for sports, Svein is currently competing nationally and internationally as an IFBB men’s physique fitness athlete.
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