Episode 7

Mar 21 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Rome Ruiz

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


March 21, 2021


In this episode...

What does it take to lead elite Sailors and Marines through some of the most challenging and stressful operations in the World? A Captain who's unique ability to remain calm, focused and grounded when faced with complex life-and-death situations. Captain Ruiz’s USD...to be comfortable when faced with the uncomfortable, a strength that has guided him over the last 28 years as a decorated senior executive Naval Officer and will continue to guide him as he enters civilian life this summer at home with his wife and four daughters. Come learn about Captain Ruiz, his adventures, and the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society.
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Rome Ruiz
A native of San Antonio, Texas, Captain Rome Ruiz is a decorated senior executive military leader with more than 28 years of experience as a United States Naval Officer. Throughout his distinguished career, he led $6B worth of strategic and crisis response organizations containing thousands of elite Sailors and Marines while ensuring the care of their families back home. He and his teams executed the nation’s national security policy and operated in some of the most complex and stressful environments throughout the world. Happily married to wife Hilary Davis, they have four daughters with whom Captain Ruiz will spend much more time as he successfully transitions from honorable military service this summer. What’s next? He intends to leverage his extensive leadership experience with diverse populations across government entities and commercial industries solving the most complex problems in the most challenging environments.
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