Episode 16

May 24 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Rochelle Webb

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


May 24, 2021


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CEO, Entrepreneur, Professor, Advisor, Activist, Philanthropist. It doesn’t matter what role she plays, Rochelle Webb creates community wherever she goes. Her mission is to help as many human beings as possible by giving them exposure to new things, a helping hand when they need it and a fighting chance at their version of success. How does she do that? She leans into uncomfortable situations, takes on challenges others avoid, and infuses hope, energy and enthusiasm into every interaction. She wants to leave the world a better place by inspiring others to project their talents into the world...one optimist at a time. Join us this week to learn about the incredible Rochelle Webb and about one of her favorite organizations 1% for the Planet.
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Rochelle Webb
Rochelle is the founder of Optimist Made, which is the new way of shopping around the world, without actually going there yourself. It makes the inaccessible, accessible. It delivers an unconventional way of chasing retail therapy by taking the customer on an illustrative journey when sourcing products and then creating a platform that shares those products to the US market while giving developing fashion designers a destination where they can have a voice to be discovered. All the while helping the entrepreneurs that she partners with, learn how to scale their businesses. She brings a wealth of experience from her global marketing roles at Activision, Quiksilver, Apple, and Visa. Alongside being an entrepreneur, Rochelle is part of the clinical faculty team at Loyola Marymount University and also sits as a Board Member for 1% for the Planet, Compton Community College, Ad Relief and the LA Chapter for the Haas School of Business.Jim’s passion is to help leaders close the gap between what they are deeply committed to and what they can currently accomplish. He believes that there is a design to great achievement and great satisfaction and that with 30+ years of leading, coaching and studying over 10,000 execs he has something powerful to offer to help passionate leaders get more of both. And with that achievement can come a sense of joy and a true, human return on that investment of our lives.
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