Episode 1

Feb 15 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Orlando Ashford

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


February 15, 2021


In this episode...

Take risks, believe in yourself, surround yourself with talented people, and keep it light...combined, these traits make Orlando Ashford a unique, special and different leader. He reminds us that it is important to lean into YOU to live and lead authentically. As a leader, he explains why it’s important to keep busting down doors but to always hold them open for others. Come watch Orlando and support The Positive Coaching Alliance.
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Orlando Ashford
Orlando Ashford has spent 25 years working as a consultant, HR leader and General Manager. Now serving as Board member and Advisor, Orlando serves on several public, private equity and non-profit boards, most recently named incoming Executive Chairman of Azamara Cruises. In addition to his professional outlet, Orlando’s an author, mentor and advocate for people on issues of race, social justice and access to opportunity.
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