Episode 24

Jul 18 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Michelle Wenke

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


July 18, 2021


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She’s a fashion designer, a brand innovator, co-founder, CEO and mom of 4. In this week’s episode, Michelle Wenke reminds us how we all need someone to lift us up when our own self doubt sinks in. When we aren’t living up to our USD, others can remind us of what makes us unique, special and different. Michelle is that person for many people in her life and she appreciates the same from others. Her USD: She is the perfect mix of creativity, leadership, organization and tenacity. She describes the agility and drive it takes to create and run a fashion empire. From concept to consumer, Michelle built Monrow - a brand dedicated to timeless celebrity-endorsed athleisurewear. She educates us on the journey of becoming a fashion designer and going one step further to create a business around her creations. Come listen and learn about This is About Humanity (www.thisisabouthumanity.com).
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Michelle Wenke
The lifestyle and distinct fashion of MONROW was beguiled by designers Michelle Wenke and Megan George. They met while attending Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Megan went on to design her eponymous line, “George”, which she eventually sold to Fred Segal. Michelle took the stylist path, working for renowned fashion stylist Jessica Paster and eventually broke out on her own, styling editorials, music videos and television shows. The concept of MONROW was conceived by the acknowledgement of a void in fashion for good quality, timeless clothing. With their technical knowledge of design and personal intuition, the two started experimenting with fabrics over Michelle’s kitchen table. They continue to take active part in every process of each collection, from mood boards to the final stitch. A decade later the two continue to complement each other’s skillsets and share a strong passion for fashion ease. “Michelle has always been the visionary - she dreams up styles and collection themes. She can also speak to our retailers and creative community; she keeps the awareness sharp.” - Megan George
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