Episode 41

Jan 24 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Michael Shaun Conaway

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


January 24, 2022


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How do we want to be? As a world, as communities, as organizations, and as individuals? How do we live to make a difference? That is the question Michael Shaun Conaway ponders every day. His USD. To unleash the greatness of people and organizations to bring about a thriving future for humanity. To that end, he’s spent his career encouraging others to find the unique expression of themselves so they may make a profound impact in life. Many years ago, Michael Shaun discovered that he had no trouble tapping into his passions, but that they were focused in many diffuse ways. It took time to realize that the best way to make an impact is to tie his passion to his ultimate purpose - that thing that is so important that it gives you connection and energy…the ability to find your “wings.” And now he is soaring. In his recent film We Rise Up, he met with 150 inspirational global leaders including the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, and Tony Robbins to re-envision our future and what’s possible over the next 100 years of humanity. The focus of the film is to imagine a world where we are all living in purpose and doing amazing things to solve incredible challenges. And as co-creator of the Generative Futures Institute, Michael Shaun continues to bring people together to create a thriving future for humanity and our way forward…bringing together problem solvers from all parts of the world and all walks of life to build shared visions and solutions that give us hope for what we can do together…in purpose. Or what we call at See & Free Studio…our USD. Come learn about Michael Shaun and The Generative Futures Initiative.
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Michael Shaun Conaway
Michael Shaun is endlessly curious about how life works, why we do things the way we do and how we might do them differently. This led him to become a phenomenological philosopher – someone who examines life from the way life shows up moment to moment. His current work in Being and Time is rooted in this tradition. Michael Shaun’s purpose in life is to unleash greatness to bring about a thriving future. His mission is to empower and accelerate the redesign of our failing systems to create an anti-fragile, anti-rival world, one that works for all. To this end he helped to create the field of Generative Futurism, the practice of generating or envisioning desirable futures at near and long timeframes, back-casting steps it would take to realize that future and then acting to take those steps moving forward in time. Simply put, this is the capacity to see and realize futures. Michael Shaun is a frequent speaker on long-term strategy, the future and being and time. His keynotes have the uncanny power to shift culture by building a new narrative for the audience. His talks are journeys designed to leave the audience seeing from a new reality. Michael Shaun Conaway is the founder of five highly successful ventures. He is an award-winning filmmaker, editing publisher of PROOF magazine, founder of Bold.ly NOW, a entrepreneur education platform, CEO of Storyworks, a social impact creative agency, and the non-profit Generative Futures initiative. Michael Shaun is the director of award-winning documentary feature, WeRiseUP, a culture-shifting film featuring key global leaders. WeRiseUP asks a fundamental question: What is success for humanity? Michael Shaun started his career in the mid-nineties as a writer/director for video games. By 2000 his creative agency, Storyworks became the go to agency for high tech companies looking to create visions of the future.
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