Episode 32

Sep 20 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Michael Dubin

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


September 20, 2021


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Trailblazer Michael Dubin emerged as the brain behind and face of cutting-edge men’s grooming brand Dollar Shave Club in 2011. After a decade running this unicorn success story, Mike stepped into semi-retirement in early 2021. “Semi” because he is still bringing his Unique, Special and Different (USD) to solving big problems. What’s his USD? Simply put: It’s an un-ending curiosity, a hunger for new knowledge and skills. Mike is slightly obsessed with the constant demystification of the World. He admits he’s wired in a way that he can’t accept that something can’t be done. When he learns about something new, he dissects it into smaller, surmountable chunks and figures out what he could do to make it better. For him, solving problems is fun. For all those aspiring entrepreneurs who ask him about the secret to his success, he has a few bits of advice: 1) Get good at solving problems and seeing opportunities. Meet challenges and rise to them as a relentless optimist, and 2) Ask for help. Mike acknowledges that his real success as Founder and CEO at DSC is attributed to bringing together a great group of people who helped him build the company - friends, relatives, investors and team members. Come learn more about Mike and what problems he is solving now: whether it is tackling new methods to fight wildfires, protecting our democracy, or improving education through his work with Gabriella Charter Schools.
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Michael Dubin
Too busy soaking up his semi-retirement to write a bio, so I made one up. Innovative, disruptive, and creative Founder and decades-long CEO of iconic men’s grooming and lifestyle brand Dollar Shave Club - that’s how he’s described all over the internet - but for those that know him, lovable pain in the ass is more accurate. Despite creating a coveted “Club” for men, over time Mike has realized that he is especially grateful for the incredible women in his life including yours truly - who spent 5.5 years at his side as our rag tag leadership team took DSC from its humble beginnings to a unicorn status success story. Still on several Boards including DSC, Mike has stepped away from the grind and is now focused on honing his skills as an expert daydreamer.
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