Episode 15

May 17 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Jim Motroni

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


May 17, 2021


In this episode...

Jim Motroni, a reformed banker turned business sensei, tells us how he found his USD many years ago when he was “climbing the ladder of success only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall”. Now as an Executive Coach & Business Consultant, Jim reminds us to commit to our humanity - showing us how to hold onto our connections despite the many circumstances that could tear us apart. His USD is to get people to work together in conditions that don’t support it. When you meet Jim, know that he's on a mission to answer: Where’s the connective tissue? Where are we thwarted from making our full contribution? Where are people disconnected from their ideals and to each other - feeling they can't make happen what they want to make happen? Come learn about Jim, Conversant, and the non profit The Egbe Revitalization Project.
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Jim Motroni
Jim’s passion is to help leaders close the gap between what they are deeply committed to and what they can currently accomplish. He believes that there is a design to great achievement and great satisfaction and that with 30+ years of leading, coaching and studying over 10,000 execs he has something powerful to offer to help passionate leaders get more of both. And with that achievement can come a sense of joy and a true, human return on that investment of our lives.
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