Episode 30

Sep 6 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet James Mitchell

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


September 6, 2021


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James Mitchell is a professional problem solver with an endless curiosity about well...everything. That’s his USD, and he’s tackled many challenges and problems over the years - weaving through science labs to marine bases to the board room. In all cases, James realized the power of great questions and deep inquiry to provide the best strategies and solutions. In each chapter of his career, he’s focused on advising others how to get to “yes” - exploring what’s possible, then identifying who and what was needed to solve the problem at hand. He brought his solution-oriented strategic brain and team mentality to his role as one of the founding members of the Amazon Air team and now to building cutting-edge start up Pandion. But his favorite role is shaping a new generation as a father of four kids with his partner in life Carra. Please learn about James, this chapter in his life, and help him support the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (https://obap.org/give/).
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James Mitchell
James grew up in Houston, TX and studied Chemistry at Rice University. After college he pivoted to the United States Marine Corps, where he learned to lead, mentor, and motivate teams in uncertain situations under intense pressure. His performance was officially recognized several times through awards and promotion. Next, James went to business school at the University of Virginia (Darden) and spent 10 years working in corporate strategy. Generally, he advised senior leaders through major decision points by combining domain knowledge with commercial acumen to make viable strategic options. In 2017, James joined the team at Amazon that built Amazon Air to enable second-day and next-day delivery. Now James is at a start-up with other ex-Amazon and ex-Walmart leaders that are building a new delivery network for all eCommerce retailers. Outside of work, James likes to keep in shape by running, practice chemistry by brewing beer, and playing legos with his kids. He is also actively supporting the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (https://obap.org/give/).
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