Episode 31

Sep 13 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Jake Levin

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


September 13, 2021


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Jake Levin is Chief Growth Officer for Lunar Solar Group, a marketing agency focused on scaling ecommerce brands or breaking traditional CPG brands into the ecommerce space. He’s got a fitting title for someone whose USD is an insatiable passion and thirst for growth - both personal growth and being at that perfect inflection point of an organization when they are about to take off in ways that previously seemed impossible. Jake shares that he is the perfect partner in attaining ambitious goals because he’s incredibly competitive and obsessed with results. Sometimes that obsession leads to a perpetual dissatisfaction with what he’s achieved, but he’s learning to celebrate the small wins and combat an ever-present fear of complacency. One way he creates balance in his life is music; it allows him to pursue perfection in his career with his pursuit of peace and happiness. Come hear Jake’s story, listen to his album Bad Blue on Spotify, and support 350.org - a nonprofit bringing awareness to energy alternatives other than fossil fuels.
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Jake Levin
Jake is an experienced marketing leader with a passion for growing companies from the ground up. While in college, he started his first company Want-something.com. After the company folded, he parlayed that experience into becoming the first employee and Head of Marketing at goPuff, a fast-growing e-commerce delivery service. In the 4+ years as goPuff's Head of Marketing, Jake helped scale the company to 50 US markets, and over $1bn in valuation. Jake left goPuff in late 2017 to co-found gettacar, an e-commerce car retailer. There, he led the growth of the brand and company to 200 employees and 3 rounds of funding with overall valuations in the 9 figures, becoming one of the leading disruptors in the industry. In order to leverage his start-up and marketing experience, Jake left gettacar after 3 years to start a growth consulting firm for start-ups to help them scale efficiently. He then partnered with Lunar Solar Group, a fast-growing agency and began his current role as the Chief Growth Officer.
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