Episode 10

Apr 11 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet India Williams

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


April 11, 2021


In this episode...

Goal! India Williams chases goals with tenacity, speed, and conviction. That is her USD. One of her major life goals was to win Miss California USA, something she accomplished in 2017 at just 20 years old. What that experience taught her was to hold onto her values and use every platform she has to manifest them and make a difference in the community. Today, she is doing just that...tackling some of the World’s most systemic challenges as Executive Director of ScaleLA Foundation. Please come watch India tell us how to set ambitious goals and achieve them and learn all about the ScaleLA Foundation.
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India Williams
India Williams was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now feels lucky to call Los Angeles her home. In 2017, India achieved a major life goal when she won the title of Miss California USA at 20 years old. During her year, she worked with numerous non-profit organizations and even placed in the Top 10 at Miss USA. Today, India is proud to be Executive Director of the ScaleLA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers underserved youth to leverage entrepreneurial thinking to tackle systemic problems. In addition to her involvement in the non-profit space, India takes on the role of Community Director for ScaleHealth, an organization supporting the acceleration of healthcare companies across the US and internationally. India’s primary goal is to ensure that both her non-profit and for-profit initiatives cultivate a healthy culture rooted in supporting the growth of our community across various geographic, demographic and social sectors.
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