Episode 36

Nov 14 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Di Ciruolo

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


November 14, 2021


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Di Ciruolo is Head of Inclusion at Jambb, a Blockchain Technology company - comedians and entertainers to release NFT’s (moments) that people want to collect and trade. She is on a mission to raise awareness around diversity and inclusion within this prolific industry and the tech industry in general. Her focus is to raise awareness and break down barriers for those who may be marginalized in the workplace. Her experience in foster care sparked her awareness that she didn’t fit into boxes; she had a unique outsider’s view of society and systems of power. Over time, Di realized that conventional narratives didn’t fit her experience, and that there were barriers to entry that she had to overcome due to her identity and experience. So rather than try to fit into the boxes or let those barriers deter her, she embraced her USD which is to live outside of others’ boxes and to provide the space for others to live and thrive outside of these same “norms.” Her message for business leaders: The goal is not to assimilate everyone to a heteronormative male MO; it is to provide the environment and circumstances for all people to be their unique selves and contribute to the success of the organization. And her message to everyone who cares about making our workplaces more diverse and inclusive, hold onto and stay true to your “why” - that is your source of resilience. Both of these messages are core to her book, “Ally Up: The Definitive Guide to Building More Inclusive, Innovative and Productive Teams.” Please come learn about Di Ciruolo, her story, and Together We Rise (https://www.togetherwerise.org/donate/) - a nonprofit supporting foster kids and getting them essential items they need to feel like the loved children they are.
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Di Ciruolo
Di Ciruolo (Dye Sir-oo-Loh, sounds like DeRulo, as in Jason with, an S-sound instead) is a queer, Latin, mom of two firebrand children. She is the Head of Inclusion for Jambb (sounds like jam on toast), a technology company working in the Blockchain space. Di released a book this year, Ally Up, which is a level setting DEI book of skills crucial to being an ally, accomplice or abolitionist at work told through a series of first person stories at real tech and STEM companies and science. Di has a degree in this space, specifically focusing on gender, race and class. She’s a former foster kid, using her impacted, intersectional identities to bring more space and inclusion to the field of tech and she has no hobbies at the moment because her kids are 6 and 4.
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