Episode 33

Oct 3 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Candi Clark

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


October 3, 2021


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On her web site, she says "I've never met a stranger" and that is the truth! People come from all of the World to be photographed by Candi, who just happens to be an on location photographer in one of the most trafficked tourist destinations in the World, Orlando FL. Why is she so special? Her USD: She genuinely loves people and loves to make them smile. She wants everyone around her to feel happy, beautiful, accepted and included and she offers the safe space to do just that. What makes her smile? The kids in her life. Candi knows that our children will make the World a better place and hopes other parents see the same in their kids - finding happiness in the little every day moments that often go overlooked. She also wants all of us to seek out our humanity and empathy for our community, which is one reason she is avid supporter of the One Pulse Foundation, raising awareness and funds for those impacted by the murders that occurred at the Pulse Nightclub. Her wish is that we all embrace that Love is Love, that we feel comfortable being ourselves and we feel good. Come learn about Candi and how she is bringing smiles to everyone who meets her.
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Candi Clark
Candi Clark is the founder and photographer at Magical Pix by Candi, a central Florida photography company that specializes in on location photography. Magical Pix provides portrait sessions and event photography designed to make people feel at ease having their picture made, you might even end up having fun! Magical Pix is known worldwide, and has been featured in many blogs, articles and podcasts. "Magical Pix is all inclusive, Love is Love and all humans are welcome. I'm a pretty simple person, I love to laugh, I don't take myself too seriously, I've never met a stranger, and I strive to take the anxiety out of portraits. " Candi is a Mom to three humans and a cat who loves to read and explore. She has a degree in Anthropology from Georgia State University, and is also the founder of a Waldorf-Inspired homeschool enrichment program called "The Dreamers' School" located in downtown Orlando. "I am honored to be a part of the See & Free Podcast and I am looking forward to sharing Magical Pix with everyone!"
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