Episode 4

Feb 28 / Jennifer Longnion

Meet Aviva Jansen

Interview by Jennifer Longnion


February 28, 2021


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See & Free Studio Episode 4 with celebrity hairstylist Aviva Perea Jansen (@hairbyaviva) - stylist for fierce actresses like Kristen Bell, Rashida Jones, America Ferrera, Zoe Saldana and many more. Sure she has mad skills, comes from a pedigree of hair magicians, and has worked with reputable stylists, but Aviva's success is truly fueled by her unique approach to life. She brings levity a la "I Love Lucy" to her craft, redefining beauty one laugh at a time. She brings smiles to her clients' faces as well as her many followers @hairbyaviva where she entertains us with silly, fun hair tutorials and pandemic parodies. She's also changing the face of the beauty industry's upper echelon by championing diversity and equal access for women and minorities. Come learn all about Aviva and the LA LGBT Center (www.lalgbtcenter.org)
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Aviva Jansen
What do Anna from Frozen, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ugly Betty have in common? The acclaimed actresses who play these roles are just a few famous clients of Aviva Perea Jansen, Celebrity Hairstylist. With 15 years in the Hollywood beauty industry, Aviva’s work has been featured in Elle, InStyle, Redbook and in brand campaigns for Herve Leger and John Frieda amongst many other accolades. Her success is due to a mix of proficiency, a meticulous commitment to perfection, passion for her craft, and her USD...humor. Everyone looks more beautiful with a smile, and that is what Aviva delivers every time.
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